Based in New York City, I am a feminist director of new works. I am also a classical actor – with the intention of illuminating the feminist perspective in leading women characters written by men. I graduated from The University of Iowa with an MFA in Directing, achieved in conjunction with the Iowa Playwrights Workshop.

A performance-based director, I focus heavily on the actor’s process, guiding their individual approaches to the role and cultivating community in the cast. Depending on the script, I utilize the actors as part of the design and in the general storytelling, often with movement. My aesthetic tends toward realism pierced by moments of startling theatricality.

My directing credits span the country, with work seen in New York, Connecticut, Maine, Indiana, Colorado, and Iowa, in the genres of plays, operas, musicals, and devised theater. I am also a co-founder and the Producing Artistic Director of The Navigators, a New York based feminist sci-fi theater company. By empowering women playwrights, producers, directors, designers, and actors in their productions, The Navigators are dedicated to elevating female driven stories in a genre dominated by men.